Music Video | WZRD Releases the Video Treatment to ‘Teleport 2 Me’



Music Video | Nicki Minaj Takes the Throne in ‘Freedom’ Visuals


Very cinematic visuals.

The Old Kid Cudi is Back with New Track ‘Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of That Whiskey!’


“Dennis, Hook Me Up with Some More of That” is the title of a new track released by the artist Kid Cudi. Cudi rides that beat like…

Kid Cudi & Dot Dat Genius Speak On Learning How to Play the Guitar


Cudi learns how to play the guitar.

Kid Cudi’s First Single With His Rock Group WZRDZ – Brake [Music]

Kid Cudi drops a new record but peep this though. He got some backlash from fans for not using an profanity. Where they do that at though? Listen below.

Kid Cudi – Hard Rap [Demo Tape]

Apparently this is Kid Cudi‘s demo that he used to shop around back in the early 2000′s. I personally haven’t listened to it yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t share it with ya’ll. Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Kid Cudi – Maniac [Short Film]

Kid Cudi – Maniac [Short Film]

Being that today is Halloween I would have to say that it is the appropriate day for the Cudder to release this creepy short film.