Blake Griffin Dunks All Over Gasol With No Remorse


Last night just wasn’t a good night to be Pau Gasol.

Highlight: Blake Griffin Posters Channing Frye In Slow Motion


You’ve probably seen this before now see it again in slow motion.

NBA Highlights: Blake Griffin Dunks On the Competition + More!

blake griffin dunks on fry

Here are the top 10 plays from last night’s game featuring Blake Griffin dunking all over Channing Frye and moer.

CP3 Feeds Blake Griffin With the One-Handed Alley Ooop


Blake looked like he put his entire forearm into the basket.

Blake Griffin Monster Dunk Against the Rockets


You just have to move out of the way when Blake Griffin is taking it to the hole, because if you don’t you just may end up as a casualty.

Shawn Kemp Plays Blake Griffin’s Dunking Ability “Jumping over the front end doesn’t count”


Growing up in the 90′s I think I would have to agree with Kemp on this one. This dude was a beat with the dunks. Blake definitely has some growing to do. lol.