Video | Snoop Dogg Visits the White House

Good stuff!

Video | Beyonce Surprises Shoppers at Walmart!

Beyonce stops by a Walmart in MA to promote her album and give all shoppers $50 off of their holiday gift spending. Genius marketing. #NewRules

Movie Review | Skyfall


There’s just no one that compares with James Bond, Britain’s espionage icon, who has just completed a run of 50 years and 23 globe-spanning adventures. Bond rocks, but he always has, with his girls, guns, gadgets and martinis. Punchy one-liners, designer costumes, great cinematography, and stunts that will no doubt be imitated extensively, Skyfall has […]

Watch Now | The Second Grand Theft Auto V Trailer!


This looks the trailer for a movie a really good television series. Sick!

Movie Review | Argo


With a plot more exciting than Star Wars, Argo tells the story of the mission to save six US embassy employees during the most tumultuous time in US/Iranian relations. Ben Affleck directs an action packed thriller that doesn’t rely on guns, special effects, sex or a made up superhero plot but instead relies on a […]

Watch Now | Iron Man 3 Teaser Spot #DopeStuff


If only two iterations of the Iron Man movie were not enough here is the teaser for a third installment in the series. #Dopestuff

Movie Review | Looper


I had high expectations for Looper, director Rian Johnson sci-fi time traveling thriller. Going from 60 to about 25, Looper begins with a lot of promise in its first half but then, rather than build up momentum it comes to a long, 40 minute standstill. Don’t expect nearly two hours of shoot ‘em up action. […]