PROCESS: House of Billiam Varsity Jacket

Pretty cool video of how House of Billiam creates their bespoke Varsity Jackets.

House of Billiam prides themselves on making one article of clothing flawlessly well, and that is the varsity jacket. Coming a long ways since 2009; where the majority of manufacturing was being done in a single bedroom, the brand has now grown to offer more than 100,000 variations of its famed varsity jacket. Unlike jackets that are massed produced, this made-to-order jacket is custom tailored to ensure it fits each individual customer’s body. For the latest PROCESS video, we get an exclusive walkthrough of how one of these jackets are made; from receiving the order, applying the measurements to the raw material, down to the hammered Nappa leather sleeves. Helping along in the design process, we elected to pay homage to the classic flight jacket. In doing so, we applied iconic color sensibilities creating a luxurious outcome.

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