Cool Stuff | Odd Future’s OFWGKTA Skate Decks

The Odd Future crew has found an interesting yet highly effective way to make their money.  Rather than worrying about selling records and charting on Billboard, the group takes in the gist of its revenue from tours and merchandise sales from their traveling pop-up shops.

It seems that the OFWGKTA fans seem to be unable to satisfy their desire to gobble up any new Odd Future branded item that finds its way into their hands.  In order to keep their fan base happy, and spending their hard earned cash, the Wolfgang has announced a new line of Odd Future OFWGKTA Skate Decks.

The decks feature the familiar donuts print that has come to be associated with the Cali crew along with red, black, pink and green variations.  Some boards feature the OFWGKTA text on one side while one deck even features the face of an evil cat.

If you’re in Los Angeles you can cop yours this Saturday at their release at the Odd Future Pop-Up shop.


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