MLB Baseball Fan Cave to Showcase Art by Borbay

The MLB Baseball Fan Cave is a space in Manhattan that will host a series of MLB themed fan events, concerts and celebrity meet-and-greets. It is located on 4th and Broadway in the location of the former Tower Records building and according to the press release its going to be pretty decked out:

Highlights of the new MLB Fan Cave design include (click here for a photo gallery):

· A ten-foot tall orange tube slide.

· 45 Sony HD TVs across more than a dozen locations, totalling more than 2,100 inches of screen space.

· A “Dirt Bar,” where fans can get authentic dirt from all 30 ballparks.

· A new State Farm Rooftop on the second floor, where visitors will be able to Go To Bat for charity by participating in a virtual “Home Run Derby” on the latest MLB-licensed video games.

· A redesigned Pepsi Porch area, evocative of similar spaces at multiple ballparks, along with a tribute to the stars of Pepsi’s popular “Field of Dreams” promotion.

· A game area featuring a custom MLB Fan Cave billiards table from Imperial International, shuffleboard, an 11×3’ race track, 28 Etch A Sketches wall-mounted with velcro and a magnetic oversized Scrabble board.

· A new digital scoreboard to keep track of games watched and games remaining in the MLB season, projected on a pair of 60-inch TVs facing out onto Broadway.

· A digital photo booth featuring a 65-inch TV connected to a laptop with software allowing visitors to take, enhance and print photos of themselves on the spot.

· A pair of framed speaker art pieces that are able to connect to any mobile device via bluetooth and play music projected throughout the Fan Cave.

· Exclusive furniture pieces from Resource Furniture, including a large sectional couch shipped from Italy for the main set area.

· A signature wall for players and celebrity visitors featuring 1,300 baseball skins from Rawlings.

In addition to these cool features the venue will be displaying original artwork by several artists including Borbay. Here is the official press release from Borbay’s site.

Creator of the #KingsOfHipHop and Time Out Magazine’s Most Creative New Yorker, Borbay, is now showcasing four prints in the Major League Baseball Fan Cave. Located at the former home of the iconic Tower Records on 4th Street & Broadway in New York City’s Greenwich Village, the Fan Cave will host a concert series, celebrity appearances and, quite notably, 9 Cave Dwellers who will watch every game of the 2012 MLB season.

Borbay’s Major League works include: “Jay-Z The Portrait”, “Marilyn Monroe, Andy Would Understand”, “Hunter S. Depp” and “Mickey O’Pitt“; the latter two were recently on display alongside Salvador Dalí in the group exhibition Big Lobby Art, at Openhouse Gallery. While these prints are available for sale immediately, they will remain in the Fan Cave through the end of the 2012 Major League Baseball season.

Here are the pieces that will be on display:

Make sure you try to check it out if you’re in the area.

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