Spike Lee Drops Some Knowledge on Drama

Spike Lee, The Chance Nike Sportswear’s creative ambassador, talks about Drama, Drive and Determination as it relates to capturing sports moments.

More on The Chance Nike Sportswear:

With The Chance, Nike Football is searching the world for the next wave of hungry young footballers. Finalists in 50 countries will compete in Barcelona for a chance to go on a global tour with the world’s best teams.

To help the players stand out, we’ve enlisted the skills of hungry, up-and-coming creative kids from local art schools to capture the human side of The Chance. These creative reporters will follow players around, capturing their life on-and-off the pitch. From 6am starts to late nights on a rainy pitch to parents who’ll give anything to see their sons succeed, The Chance Nike Sportswear will present the best human stories from the competition. These photos and films will demand not just the eyeballs of the Nike Scouts, but will also capture the imagination of our social media fans and supporters.

Spike Lee has been tapped to be the creative ambassador for The Chance Nike Sportswear. With a deep love of the game of football and an eye for making beautiful, impactful and energizing images, Spike is the perfect embodiment of creativity and passion for sport.

Complementing Pep Guardiola, Spike serves as the inspirational lead for the creative reporters. He appears here in The Chance Nike Sportswear film and will attend the Global Finals in Barcelona. There, he will announce the best film and photo submissions for The Chance Nike Sportswear.

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