Rolex Deapsea Challenge

Watch Now | Experience the Making of the Rolex Deepsea Challenge

Painstaking attention to detail and fine craftsmanship goes into the making of every Rolex watch, but how many of us have ever really had a chance to the process first hand.

Look no further because with the release of the Rolex Deepsea Challenge, the luxury watchmaker has released a video detailing the process of how the experimental watch was crafted.

52 years after a Rolex watch accompanied the Trieste on its historic descent to 10,916 metres (35,800 feet) in the Mariana trench, National Geographic explorer-in-residence James Cameron, on board the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, prepares to go even deeper. This time again, a Rolex watch, the Deepsea Challenge, is part of the expedition.
Gain a unique insight into the skill and unequalled know-how that went into making this experimental watch.

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