• Xrendellx

    Sucker shit promoting this clown. I respect what he did Meek and Wale, but him as a ARTIST, as a Man is not what we as a culture need.
    1. He stole a living mans name and lifestyle.
    2. He is a educated normal person with a AA in Criminal Justice, who is claiming to be one of the people he was paid to strip and watch over.
    3. Then he lied about it.

    There is more but why… Do our culture a favor and STOP!!!

  • thomas Watts

    Agreed fully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This culture raised many of us, watching him got me listening to more R&B then ever.

    If people really wanna hear him hit my email and I will send u a Bootleg copy for free, stop supporting this coonery.

  • J-STAR (@UptownPrinceMAL)

    End of the day the dude makes good music. He’s an artist. No one believes that Ross is a drug kingpin or whatever. What he raps about is his gimmick, similar to how Wiz Khalifa likes to smoke weed.

    When judging and artist I go by the music and you can’t deny that this guy makes good music.