Iggy Azalea – The Last Song [Music Video]

They say that this chick Iggy Azalea is supposed to be the next Nicki Minaj. I honestly haven’t checked for much of her music but the video for this record is pretty damn dope.

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  • PosterBoi

    is this a joke?? i can’t believe americans are buying this crap.. the reason this chick moved to the US is because she would’ve got booed offstage here in australia with rotten fruit thrown at her, and then bashed after. i hope she plans on staying there coz we don’t want her haha, u can have her.. she is from mullumbimby!!! australia’s biggest embarrassment – a place where deodorant is non-existant, cousins marry cousins, and girls that shave their legs/bush/armpits are frowned upon, no joke.. skank sounds more american than americans – not hatin on US, i just can’t stand people tryin to be sumthin they’re clearly not… n anybody thinks she is crazy hot looking needs their eyes checked, b**chez look like her get ganged and spat on over here.. u want fake america u got it haha