Kool G. Rap: Gems From A True Hip Hop Legend [Exclusive Interview]

For your typical Hip Hop aficionado and rapper alike, when the question of who the best rappers of all time are, the name Kool G. Rap is immediately thrown into their lists of Hip Hop greats.  However, when the topic of longevity arises his name should arguably sit at the top of the list.

Only a minority of rappers can say that they have been continuously working and releasing studio albums for a epoch that has cleared the two decade mark.  Out of the emcees that started in the 80′s with G. Rap the only other rappers that quickly come to mind are LL Cool J and Will Smith, and even they have slowed down with their studio projects to focus on their Hollywood careers.

Through his unwavering love for the game, Kool G. Rap continues to add to his 22-year reign with several musical projects scheduled for release this year.  His newly released 6 song EP, An Offer You Can’t Refuse,  was released a few weeks ago and is currently setting the street ablaze.  His latest studio album titled, Riches, Royalty, Respect is slated to drop this Spring.

Recently, OnDaReal had a chance to catch up with the veteran lyrical genius to talk to him about his new LP, how the game has changed since he first started, what it takes to be considered a legend and more.

I think there were a lot of great things that Kool G. Rap accomplished . . .

After being in the rap game for over 20  years, does a person of Kool G. Rap’s status look at himself to be a legend? “I look back on everything I contributed to the Hip Hop game and all my hard work and projects.  My body of work — everything.  I definitely think I’m very much deserving of that title.”  When describing his personal definition of what makes a person a legend he states, “If I would have to define it with one word, it would be greatness and I think there were a lot of great things that Kool G. Rap accomplished throughout his career.”

A rapper that started rapping back in the 80′s doesn’t get the title of being a legend without having some serious skills.  Kool G. Rap is revered as being one of the most talented lyricists the game has ever seen — a status that G. Rap takes great pride in.  “Just the acknowledgment of me being one of the most skillful lyricists that ever entered the game; being acknowledged for that.  Being acknowledged as one of the most influential lyricists that ever entered the game.”


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