Diddy vs. J. Cole – I’m Coming Home (Who Did It Better?)

It  looks like either Diddy is back to his swagger jacking music days or J. Cole is now a bona-fide songwriter.  The hommie J. dropped a track called I’m Coming Home yesterday that was a banger and then Diddy drops the same identical song.  More than likely J. Cole’s version was a reference track; however, I personally like his version better.  Take a listen below and let us know what you think.

J. Cole version:

Diddy version:

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  • Danny

    J cole Is 100x Better Than Diddy
    And J cole Wrote Diddy’s Lyrics

    • http://jstarmulti.com J-STAR

      I agree. J. Cole is a beast.

  • Jackson

    j cole version better, F*** diddy

  • IanKhama

    Diddy is tha past, J.Cole is the future

  • http://ondareal.com demic

    diddy This cantantdo by the above pure copy others all that j.cole saven
    is better. diddy is in no

  • Jake

    J.Coles version sounds better and is way more relateable. I first heard the song ‘Gossip Girls’, they played Diddys version. But since I didn’t know who sang it, I ended up listening to J,Coles version and loved it.
    Diddys is better produced but J.cole’s lyrics are way better.

  • # Killmatic

    Dumb question. Obviously Cole wins.

    • Killuminati*JESUS Rules

      cole is also illuminati:(

  • isabela livingstone

    seems everybody here prefer J.Cole :]
    well , i say , i prefer diddy ..
    the lyrics, at least to me, are better :]

    but both are amazing !

  • rob ert

    Diddy’s is a joke. How is this poll real?
    Diddy is a grown man rapping like hes 13 years old.

  • J-STAR

    Hopefully Diddy can make some sales. I think he took a little too long to start promotion.

  • the hammer

    jcole is the s***

  • Killuminati*JESUS Rules

    hmmm…. i dont know who to vote. coz i believe that diddy and J cole are both illuminati. diddy belongs to interscope records( Illuminati) and j cole belongs to sony records/ROCNATION records (Illuminati)…

    • Jon

      Why do you think like that? Really, there isn’t a need for it

  • http://ondareal.com/2010/11/01/diddy-vs-j-cole-im-coming-home-who-did-it-better/ Camille

    diddy is waaay better, i love his songs it has deeper meaning and positive lyrics and it encourages me and i just cant stop listening to his songs..

  • d

    don’t look at new vs. old, artist vs. artist but rather lyrics vs. lyrics people!! under these terms the diddy version is the hands up winner!!!

  • Zane

    to the idiot who said that Diddy’s lyrics are better, J. Cole and Jay Z wrote them for him. J. Cole is the next Nasir

  • Zane

    On a second thought, J. Cole is the next greatest, not the next Nasir. If Cole keeps going, only Pac, Nas, and K’naan will compare. Hope he doesn’t waste talent like Jay Electronica

  • LDN

    Lool trick question Cole wrote both. ColeWorld Live in LONDON Nov 2011!!!!

  • Nas_4life

    Everybody who said J Cole is a dumb@ass.. First of all, to the idiot that said J.Cole is the next Nas…. NOT EVEN F**KING CLOSE…. and Diddy’s version is hands down better. Idiots say J Cole because they don’t understand Diddy’s version

  • Cole World <3

    Cole World. <3  Both did good but… I fav J Cole. He puts the reality in his music. Diddy, is a joke. Like Rob ert said. When I listen to Diddy's version…  I feel like turning it off. I feel J Cole. MY Opinion…