Top 5 Reasons Ciara is So Damn Irresistible

If you know of Ciara then you probably find her irresistible.  Well, here is our list of the top five reasons that may be the case, in no particular order:

Lyrics – to put it quite frankly, Ciara is a nasty ass chick. Her lyrics are very sexual and she doesn’t sugar coat anything. Us men love to hear her sing about how she’s going to put it on us, and looking at the entire package she presents we know that she will do just that.

Dance Moves -if you’ve seen any her videos or have seen her perform live then you know that this chick can dance. I first witnessed her dancing abilities at the 2006 Hot 97 Summer Jam, where she humped the hell out of the floor for about two damn minutes straight after performing about five songs. If that wasn’t enough, remember when she did that same floor humping act on Chris Brown’s face during the 2008 BET Awards? Well, I do and that did it for me!

Here is the video:

Her Body – Ciara has a very athletic build with some very sexy curves to match. She kind of reminds of a gymnast or a track runner. With those long muscular legs and her fully developed calves, you can’t help but drool over her. Let’s not forget that she has those perfectly chiseled abs and a nice little booty on her to match.

Hair – Unlike Rihanna, Amber Rose and other sporters of the short doo, Ciara likes to wear her her long and big. There is something about a woman with long luscious hair that shows us her sexy feminine and feline side. The fact that her hairstylist always chooses colors to match that golden honey skin tone adds to the sexiness.

Swag – Maybe it’s because she’s a Scorpio, but Ciara just has this aura about her that tells you not to f*ck with her, on some real G sh*t. She seems defiant and in control and that’s something men don’t get from most women. Ciara appears to be the type of woman that will put you in your place when its needed in the social aspect of the relationship as well as in the bedroom.

Well, those are my top five reasons why Ciara is just so damn irresistible. Keep doing your thing baby; you’re holding in down in the sexiness category for sure!

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  • Moe

    Awwwwwwwww!!! That was sweet of U…She is absolutely beautiful…thnx for showing her love…:)